• Threat Hunting

    Threat Hunting

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Search and destroy

Search and destroy.

Hacks happen.  Don’t pretend it won’t happen to you.   Don’t pretend it hasn’t already.

Actively looking for indicators of compromise is a necessary part of today’s IT security practices. Passive defense has been insufficient for a decade.   Perimeter defenses are not enough, and even layered defense-in-depth approaches fail eventually.  No matter how entrenched you get, the adversary can still get in.  Without actively looking for the enemy within, your network can quickly become hostile.

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Search and destroy

Threat Hunting

  • Network security monitoring

    Network security monitoring

    Using your existing tools, commercial products, or open source solutions Read More
  • RAM analysis and process reviews

    RAM analysis and process reviews

    Collecting volatile memory for analysis is a critical component of Read More
  • Log analysis

    Log analysis

    Properly configured logs can yield massive amounts of information regarding Read More
  • Host based detection

    Host based detection

    Using commercial or open source agents our experts will work Read More
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  • Forensics Readiness

    Forensics Readiness

    The idea that all networks can be compromised has been replaced by the reality that all networks likely will be compromised. Organizations now follow an ongoing course of deterrence, detection, response, and recovery. It is critical that your environment be configured to support effective response to and investigation of incidents as they occur. Read More
  • Digital Forensics

    Digital Forensics

    Forward Defense's team is composed of highly skilled experts in training, digital investigations, computer forensics, information security and risk assessments. The frontline team is supported by a staff of leading subject matter experts and a proven team of corporate partners. Read More
  • Training


    Our customized training programs support the learning process from mastery of the subjects by individual employees, to building systems within your organization that reinforce the learning efforts and ultimately lead to a meaningful increase in institutional knowledge and organizational capability. Read More
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