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    Telco Security Testing

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Telcom Security

Active Telco Cyber Defense

Forward Defense conducts off-premises Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) penetration tests and telecom network security audits for corporate, government and military clients.  We can assess your vulnerabilities and in short time give remediate actions to these vulnerabilities.

Whilst SS7 networks have been vulnerable since inception it has only been the explosion in growth and power of everyday telecoms equipment that these deficits have been able to be exploited.

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Telcom Security

SS7 Penetration Test

A SS7 penetration test, or SS7 security audit, is very similar in concept to a PCI compliance test.
Through our partnership with multiple mobile operators, we have access to worldwide SS7 connectivity.

SS7 Forensics

We can help with a forensic analysis of SS7 traces (or setup traps, probes, decoys or honeypots to capture
information on ongoing attacks and mislead attackers) to determine the target of the attack, the
goal, and possibly shed some information on the origin of the attack by using techniques involving
correlation, OSINT or fingerprinting of the sending node.

SS7 Intelligence Reports

Forward Defense provides its clients with regular SS7 intelligence reports, providing mobile operators and
regulators valuable information about the SS7-based threat landscape and the bad actors that are attacking subscribers through the worldwide SS7 network.

Diameter Penetration Testing

For an over of CDMA is, you may want to start here.
Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies.

Telco Cyber Security Training

We provide trainings / courses that covers various aspects of telecom network security and fraud, for your
engineering, fraud prevention and billing teams. The course contains many real life examples of security
breaches and fraud cases in both fixed and mobile networks, as well as a complete training on SS7 based
vulnerabilities, and can be eye opening for upper management as well.


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