• ISO 17025 Implementation

    ISO 17025 Implementation

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ISO 17025 Implementation

ISO 17025 Implementation

Bring order to your operations through Discipline, Rigor & Quality. 

Laboratory results are only as reliable as the tools, people and processes that are used to generate them.  Before a court or other finder of fact can find credibility in your results, they must understand and prove that those results are worthy of their trust.  Even if your results are accurate, do you have the records to prove that under intense and public scrutiny?  Without adherence to established standards, you risk losing the war in court even if you fought every battle perfectly.

ISO 17025 Implementation


International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 provides a set of requirements for laboratory management systems that is accepted around the world as a standard of excellence in digital forensics laboratories.  Accreditation to this standard demonstrates that your laboratory adheres to internationally expected best practices, produces reliable results, and engages in management processes that provide continuous improvement to operations.

Forward Defense’s team has helped dozens of laboratories achieve accreditation under this standard for all disciplines of digital forensics as well as other fields of testing including microbiological and food safety testing. Our experts have broad and deep experience in applying the requirements of the standard to operations in a multitude of countries, and in conforming to supplemental requirements as may be applicable such as regulatory authorities, national legal requirements, and accreditation body requirements including ASCLD/LAB. 

Demonstrable Quality.  Continuous Improvement.

Our services range from reviewing and updating of your existing management system in advance of an external audit to turnkey development and implementation of a Quality Management System from the ground up.  We have extensive experience in working with the unique requirements of national law enforcement agencies to ensure that digital evidence is correctly handled, that analysis is thorough and that reporting is accurate.   We apply these same skills to commercial laboratories to ensure that should your results end up in a courtroom, they will meet the evidential standards needed to ensure that your hard work pays off when the stakes are high.

Continuous Improvement