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Cyber Forensic Training

World-class Cyber Defense Training

Our customized training programs support the learning process from mastery of the subjects by individual employees, to building systems within your organization that reinforce the learning efforts and ultimately lead to a meaningful increase in institutional knowledge and organizational capability.

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Cyber Forensic Training

Training to Achieve Goals, Not CEU Requirements

Cyber Forensic Training Available On Critical, Real-World Issues

Forward Defense offers world-class training in endpoint investigations, such as security incident response, forensic investigations, and e-discovery, including corporate, law enforcement, and incident investigations.

Forward Defense Cyber Forensic Training certifies employees of private corporations, government agencies and military in the use software to search, collect, preserve, and analyze digital information for the purposes of digital and security investigations, ensuring data privacy and risk-management enforcement, e-discovery collection, and more.

Through our training, we help organizations maximize their use of their cyber forensics tools and products and enhance their digital examinations skills.

Contact Us for details on our newly developed one-week class on Dark Web Investigations.

  • Cyber Ranges

    Cyber Ranges

    Cyberspace is the latest front for military operations. It is no longer sufficient to defend your citizens by land, sea and air. A cyber strike can cripple critical services such as power, desalinization, transportation, emergency civil services, and more. Read More
  • Staff Augmentation

    Staff Augmentation

    Need a full-time staffer to help with ongoing IT security challenges? Our team offers long-term staff placement services so that you can bring the best of the best into your environment to help you meet your needs on a daily basis. Read More
  • Forensics Readiness

    Forensics Readiness

    The idea that all networks can be compromised has been replaced by the reality that all networks likely will be compromised. Organizations now follow an ongoing course of deterrence, detection, response, and recovery. Read More
  • Digital Forensics

    Digital Forensics

    Forward Defense's team is composed of highly skilled experts in training, digital investigations, computer forensics, information security and risk assessments. The frontline team is supported by a staff of leading subject matter experts and a proven team of corporate partners. Read More
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