• Military Forensics

    Military Forensics

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Military/Intelligence Forensics

Collect, Exploit, and React in the Field

Timely access to battlefield intelligence can mean the difference between success and failure for any combat operation. In the asymmetrical battlefield of today, this reality is even more pronounced as combat forces undertake operations previously associated with police or intelligence agencies.

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Field Forensics Kit

One of the biggest obstacles to exploiting digital intelligence in the field is the lack of highly training forensics experts. Most agencies keep their forensic analysts assigned to a laboratory setting, where their skills are critical but making it difficult to exploiting digital intelligence in the field. Our solution uses the most advanced forensic automation techniques to address this challenge. By automating many of the steps traditionally performed manually by laboratory experts, we allow field personnel to access digitally stored information without the need to transport seized items to a central location for further analysis.

  • Enterprise Forensics

    Enterprise Forensics

    Digital Forensics addresses a number of problems in the enterprise. From enabling IT security and incident response to empowering human resources investigations into inappropriate workplace behavior, forensic analysis of digital devices helps uncover the truth. Read More
  • Law Enforcement Forensics

    Law Enforcement Forensics

    Our team has been working in the specialized field of law enforcement digital forensics since its inception, giving us the knowledge and court-tested experience to guide our law enforcement clients through all aspects of building, maintaining and expanding digital forensics laboratories. Read More
  • ISO 17025

    ISO 17025

    Laboratory results are only as reliable as the tools, people and processes that are used to generate them. Read More
  • Cyber Ranges

    Cyber Ranges

    Cyberspace is the latest front for military operations. It is no longer sufficient to defend your citizens by land, sea and air. Read More
  • Open Source Intelligence

    Open Source Intelligence

    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has become a critical tool due to the widespread use of Internet-enabled mobile devices and associated prevalence of social media for the sharing of information and communication. Read More
  • Intelligence Fusion

    Intelligence Fusion

    Information is everywhere, and sifting through it all to find the critically important intelligence you need is increasingly difficult given the rate at which today’s society produces information. Read More
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