• Digital Forensics for Enterprise

    Digital Forensics for Enterprise

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Enterprise Forensics

Digital Forensics for Enterprise

Digital Forensics addresses a number of problems in the enterprise.  From enabling IT security and incident response to empowering human resources investigations into inappropriate workplace behavior, forensic analysis of digital devices helps uncover the truth.  Our team leverages extensive experience working for and with law enforcement and military organizations to bring not only the best technologies but also the most court-tested and proven methodologies to ensure that your forensics efforts are reliable and repeatable, ensuring that your actions solve problems without increasing the risk of liability from incorrect handing of delicate and often time sensitive situations.

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Enterprise Forensics

Military-grade technology to empower your business.

Our network forensics solutions offer a full range of disk, memory, and network forensic technologies to provide maximum visibility across your environment.  This visibility increases your capability to rapidly address incidents, enact effective containment, and mitigate technical risks.  From your network entry points to your end points, our solutions provide bit level data access regardless of where the relevant data may be stored.  Incorporation of effective automation technologies allow for efficient scanning of network resources for indicators of compromise, incorrectly placed intellectual property, unauthorized software and almost any other metric that addresses your current need.  These solutions offer IT professionals the tools they need to immediately access the data needed to answer pertinent questions and effect remediation throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure. 

Know the truth.  Defend your assets.  Reduce your risk.

For human resources and internal investigation units, we offer alternate targeted solutions that address the reality that investigators may not wish to rely on outside business units to provide access to sensitive systems that may be relevant to an investigation or responsive to a legal query.  Using heavily automated forensics tools, we can empower internal investigations units with the tools, processes, and technical skills needed to operate in a self-sufficient manner.  Leveraging technologies originally designed for military operators in the field, our solutions empower investigators to accomplish their mission with minimal technical knowledge required.  From forensic acquisition of digital devices, to analysis and reporting, we can provide cost-effective and realistic solutions that quickly produce actionable results.  

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