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Military Cybersecurity Solutions

Military Solutions

Intelligence wins battles, and information superiority is critical to dominating the battlefield.  With asymmetric and irregular warfare, this reality is even more pronounced.  Warfighters must be able to identify the enemy, understand his methods, and react quickly to changing conditions in order to effectively accomplish any mission. 

Projecting power on the battlefield requires effective C4I systems to coordinate activities and ensure that warfighters are armed with the latest intelligence.  Protecting these C4I assets is as critical to modern warfare as protection of supply lines.  We provide active defense systems to ensure that you are as effective at repelling the enemy in the cyber domain as you are in kinetic operations.   

Military Cybersecurity Solutions

Forward Defense understands the need for battlefield intelligence, and offers unique solutions to enable the warfighter to become a digital intelligence asset, collecting and processing intelligence found on mobile phones, computers, and other digital devices. Offering a tiered approach to collecting and analyzing digitally-stored intelligence, ranging from forward operators collecting digital media to lab-based analysis of the collected materials, we provide a complete solution to address digitally-stored intelligence.  Each tier of the system employs methods that meet situational realities, achieving collection, exploitation, analysis and correlation of digital intelligence. 

Information without context is of no strategic value.  Understanding relationships between disparate data points and fusing those relationships into actionable intelligence can seem like an overwhelming task.  Forward Defense brings order to your operations, establishing intelligence fusion centers that bring together a multitude of intelligence sources and help your analysts understand the connections between them.  

  • Active Defense

    Active Defense

    We expose your cyber enemies and eliminate them from your network by leveraging anomaly analysis, active hunting, cyber-recon by fire, and clear-and-hold missions. Read More
  • Military Forensics

    Military Forensics

    Timely access to battlefield intelligence can mean the difference between success and failure for any combat operation. In the asymmetrical battlefield of today, this reality is even more pronounced as combat forces undertake operations previously associated with police or intelligence agencies. Read More
  • Open Source Intelligence

    Open Source Intelligence

    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has become a critical tool due to the widespread use of Internet-enabled mobile devices and associated prevalence of social media for the sharing of information and communication. Read More
  • Intelligence Fusion

    Intelligence Fusion

    Information is everywhere, and sifting through it all to find the critically important intelligence you need is increasingly difficult given the rate at which today’s society produces information. Read More
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