• Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

    Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement Cybersecurity Solutions

Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

Undeniable results, from the field to the courtroom.

Our team has been working in the specialized field of law enforcement digital forensics since its inception, giving us the knowledge and court-tested experience to guide our law enforcement clients through all aspects of building, maintaining and expanding digital forensics laboratories.  From ISO 17025 compliant policies and procedures to the latest analysis tools and techniques, we bring the state of the art in mobile device forensics, computer forensics, memory forensics, audio/video forensics, network forensics, and experimental techniques to your laboratory.

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Law Enforcement Cybersecurity Solutions

Proven systems to prove the truth.

Through partnerships with the all major computer forensics vendors and bolstered with our own bespoke system development capabilities, we offer turnkey solutions to address your digital forensics needs. We have worked with hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the globe to provide accurate, repeatable, and court-defensible forensics solutions.  From small laboratories with only a few examiners to massive-scale forensics centers leveraging the latest in distributed processing and data-center centric forensics approaches, we offer the most appropriate technology bound in repeatable procedures that are based on international standards and best practices.

Combining tools, training, and process to ensure bullet-proof results.

For agencies with limited budgets we provide an initial operating capability in digital forensics using tools that help automate many common analytical tasks to reduce training time and increase initial capability.  These solutions are grounded in proven forensics technologies and offered in conjunction with clear procedures aligned to best forensics practices to ensure reliability and court acceptance. 

For agencies seeking more extensive capabilities, we offer a range of offerings to provide the latest forensic methodologies.  Grounded in the belief that the best labs have multiple tools and methods to address any given problem, we offer complementary solutions to extract and analyze data from mobile devices, computers, RAM, cloud services, GPS units, video systems and other digital devices.  For laboratories that need to scale their services offerings to larger capacities, we provide enhanced workflows and distributed processing solutions to decrease the amount of analyst time required on each case and increase overall laboratory efficiency and throughput without compromising the reliability of results.

We provide all training necessary to ensure that your individual unit staff have the technical skills needed not only to perform their assigned forensics tasks, but also the depth of knowledge and understanding needed to successfully explain their actions in ways that a court will understand.  Furthermore, we ground our training in the application of repeatable process so that when training is over, the unit members continue to operate in accordance with that training to strengthen laboratory operations and increase the overall organizational capability of your unit.  We understand that tools, training and procedures are each critical elements to a successful laboratory and ensure that our solutions adequately address each of these elements regardless of the scale of the project or the size of the laboratory in question.

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