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Corporate Cybersecurity Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Corporations are not only the heart of the global economy, they increasingly store data of value to international organizations, both governmental and criminal.  The lines between governmental cyber attacks, cyber warfare, industrial espionage and criminal cyber campaigns have never been less clear.  The rise of organized crime groups with cyber assets that rival nation states has changed the face of security, forcing corporations to adapt to this new reality by adopting security mechanisms that were previously reserved for the realms of secure government systems.

Corporate Cybersecurity Solutions

Forward Defense’s team has worked to secure governmental computers from nation state sponsored attacks since our inception, and we offer that expertise to our corporate clients as well.  When your data matters, don’t trust commodity security companies to sell you the latest iteration of defense-in-depth products, wrapped in new marketing language.  Trust our team to reinvent and reinvigorate your security posture to meet cyber threats in an informed and cost effective manner, without resorting to fear, uncertainty and doubt tactics.  Most of our clients have more than enough product, but those products are poorly tuned and are not configured to integrate together into a complete security system.  Our team are experts at evaluating your true security risks, using your existing resources to their fullest potential, and identifying the areas where additional protections make good financial sense.

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