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    Cyber Ranges

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Cyber Ranges

The ultimate solution for training, war gaming, and mission planning in cyberspace.

Cyberspace is the latest front for military operations.   It is no longer sufficient to defend your citizens by land, sea and air.  A cyber strike can cripple critical services such as power, desalinization, transportation, emergency civil services, and more.  Your C4I capabilities can come under cyber-attack during kinetic operations, threatening operational security and the lives of your war fighters.  Defense of a nation requires defense of its cyberspace.   Are you cyber mission ready?

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Cyber Ranges

The Forward Defense Cyber Range offers a cutting edge system for training, testing and planning for operations in cyberspace including the opportunity to:

  • Conduct red and blue team cyber training in a safe, range environment;
  • Engage in attack and defense war games to ensure that your network defenders are prepared;
  • Simulate cyber environments to provide realistic training;
  • Dynamically create an almost infinite number of different network environments.

The Forward Defense Cyber Range is a flexible, state-of-the-art system for developing, maintaining and advancing a cyber-operational capability.  

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