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    CERT Development

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CERT Development

Effective Response

Today’s IT Security Risk

Well-funded, organized attackers threaten your network and these IT attacks can result in data loss, service disruptions and defacement of public and private Internet resources. Business results of these attacks can be:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of public confidence
  • Release of sensitive data
  • Loss of intellectual property or intelligence
  • Damage to brand

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CERT Development Information

CERT Defined

A Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) or Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) is a unit within an information security group that is responsible for investigating and reporting on suspected information security incidents. 

A CERT responds to reports of possible incidents from a Security Operations Center (SOC) and/or from users
A CERT is a second or third-tier response group that handles technical investigations into incidents
CERT and the IT Security Cycle

CERT completes the IT Security and Risk Management Cycle allowing for events to be proactively investigated;
results are used to dynamically adjust security efforts and impact and risk can more accurately be measured

Initial Response Steps

CERT has four capabilities when deployed correctly. FInd out more here.

Organization & Staff Requirements

Forward Defense works with it's corporate and government clients to ensure that all aspects of employee capability
(knowledge base,mindset, security clearance) and organizational aspects are up to grade and operational.

CERT Engagement Tools

Forward Defense draws from a modern arsenal of CERT tools and procedures.

  •  Incident Response

    Incident Response

    Your network is inundated with events that may seem suspicious, but when one of those turns into a declared security incident you need fast and effective incident response to mitigate the potential damage, determine the root cause, and prevent future problems. Read More
  • Training


    Our customized training programs support the learning process from mastery of the subjects by individual employees, to building systems within your organization that reinforce the learning efforts and ultimately lead to a meaningful increase in institutional knowledge and organizational capability. Read More
  • Digital Forensics

    Digital Forensics

    Forward Defense's team is composed of highly skilled experts in training, digital investigations, computer forensics, information security and risk assessments. The frontline team is supported by a staff of leading subject matter experts and a proven team of corporate partners. Read More
  • Forensics Readiness

    Forensics Readiness

    The idea that all networks can be compromised has been replaced by the reality that all networks likely will be compromised. Organizations now follow an ongoing course of deterrence, detection, response, and recovery. Read More
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